Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wow...I have REALLY slacked off on this whole blogging thing! I could give you a million excuses, like a ton to do at the end of the school year, going to the States to be in a wedding and to visit with family and friends, planning my own wedding, and then, getting married! But, I guess the main excuse I have is just that I haven't taken the time to sit down and do this thing. Not that that's really an excuse, but you know what I mean.

So, here's a quick run-down on my summer and then there will hopefully be more consistent updates from now on!

  • May/June: I spent most of these months trying to finish teaching all of my curriculum this year to my 1st/2nd graders. It was a big goal for me, since I've never been able to do that since teaching multiple grades in a shorter school year. It took a lot of extra planning time, but we got it all in! :-) I also spent these months saying goodbye to several missionary families who were leaving...some moving on to other mission fields, others moving back to the States to move on to other things. It was sad and emotional, like always, but I still am always thanking God that I have the opportunity to meet so many people from all over the world right here in little Shell.
  • June/July: I had some friends, Jason and Sarah Frazer, along with little Jack, visit to get a first-hand look at missions. We had a great time, some great conversations, and I think they left with a clearer view of medical missions and can now pray more specifically of how God might use them in international missions. I also traveled to the States for my good friend Martha's wedding, was able to meet my niece Taylor, and was also able to catch up with friends and family.
  • July/August: I returned to Shell to finish planning my wedding with David Montero. My mom and friend Tina, arrive on July 25, 15 other family and friends arrived on August 1, and David and I were finally married on August 8!