Saturday, February 20, 2010

November 2009

Here's a little update of what Beth and David are up to in Shell, Ecuador!
  • October 8th - Beth celebrated her 28th birthday with a party from students, dinner with friends, and a trip to nearby BaƱos with David and friends.
  • October 23rd, 24th, and 25th - David attended a mission's conference in Machala (the coast of Ecuador) to represent Alas de Socorro del Ecuador. He had a great time meeting other Latin American missionaries in Ecuador and was able to share about the ministry of ADSE with others.
  • October 31st - Our church had an evangelistic outreach in "downtown" Shell, with worship, a video created by the youth group, and a short message. Many people attended and heard how they can have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • November 1st - We started taking care of a baby Nanki who lives at the orphanage (Casa de Fe) here in Shell. Every Sunday we will watch Nanki for the morning and part of the afternoon to give Patti Sue (who runs the orphanage) a break from taking four babies to church with her. If you want to read more about the ministry of Casa de Fe go to
  • November 4th - Beth led parent/teacher conferences at school. She feels blessed to have the support of the parents of her students and appreciates their help in the classroom from time to time.
  • November 7th - We attended the funeral of Elian Orellana, a 6-year-old boy from our church who has been battling cancer. The funeral was very God-honoring and the family focused on God's wisdom throughout the service. Please continue to pray for the Orellana family as they deal with their loss.
Ways you can pray and offer praise with us:
  • Pray for David as he has an appointment with the US Embassy on Tuesday, November 10th, at 9:00am. He is applying for a tourist Visa so we can visit West Virginia around Christmas time.
  • Ecuador is experiencing severe droughts right now and the government has started rationing our electricity (which is run by dams) every day. Pray for rain!
  • Praise God for a generator the MAF missionaries are allowed to share with the hanger during our black outs. It keeps our food from spoiling by keeping our freezers and refrigerators running, allows us to have water through our electric water pump, and also allows us to have fans running during these extremely hot and humid days.
  • Pray for a meeting that the employees and missionaries of ADSE will have on Friday, November 13th discussing plans for 2010. David will be leading this meeting.
  • Praise God for the opportunity we have to help at Casa de Fe by taking care of Nanki each week.
  • Pray for Nanki's club foot, that money will be provided for the surgery he needs so he can return to the jungle to live with his family.
  • Pray for the Orellana family at this time of loss.


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