Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 2010

Below are some updates from Shell! I will be sending out a printed "snail-mail" newsletter in the next week or two. If you do not already receive my printed newsletters, please send me your address and I'll get you added to the list!

A Look Back...

  • December 19th: David and I arrived in the United States for the very first time together!
  • December 24th: We were able to celebrate Christmas with my parents, brothers and sisters-in-law and niece.
  • December 28th: My sister was able to join us for another celebration. Unfortunately, my brother-in-law could not make it.
  • December 30th: David and I hopped on a plane and flew back to Ecuador.
  • December 31st/January 1st: We celebrated the New Year with David's extended family...about 60 people!
  • January 6th: Classes started back at NSMS and David was already back at the hanger, working away.
  • January 8th: I received a Visa stamped in my passport that says I am officially an Ecuadorian resident!
  • January 13th: David and I grieved with the LaBouef family as they buried their 2 year old son.
  • January 30th: I organized a cookout with David's friends to celebrate his birthday (which was on February 1st).
Looking ahead - How you can pray and praise with us!

  • Praise God for the amazing visit we had to the States and for the chance for family and friends to finally meet David.
  • Pray for the LaBouef family as they continue to deal with day-to-day life without Joshua. Pray for Matthew, a student in my class, who is old enough to understand the loss and sees how it effects his parents.
  • Praise for the opportunities God is giving me and David to become involved in the ministry of "Casa de Fe", the orphanage here in Shell. Rosa (12 years) and Nanki (4 months) are now both attending church with us each Sunday and spending part of the afternoon together. (See their attached picture!)
  • Pray for Nanki as he will have surgery on his leg the week of February 22nd. A group of volunteers is coming from the States to perform several surgeries, including Nanki's. It looks as though they will need to straighten and lengthen his bone.
  • Praise for God meeting all of our practical needs (food, shelter, clothing) as well as some blessings (trip to the States, the purchase of a used recliner and couch).
  • Pray for our relationship with Rosa, that we will be able to demonstrate what a true love relationship should be. She comes from an abusive background and has a distorted view of husbands and fathers.


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